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Cayman Chefs

Seven Mile Beach Restaurants

Whether it’s a fancy restaurant or a hole-in-the-wall diner, Grand Cayman has plenty of options.

The list of fine dining restaurants in this district is as long as Seven Mile Beach, but we do have a few favorites.

Calypso Grill is a bit of a drive, but absolutely worth it. Ragazzi’s is another favorite.

For sushi, we recommend Yoshi Sushi, and if you’re strolling through Camana Bay try Abacus or The Waterfrontthey never disappoint! For a brand new dining experience visit Agua also in Camana Bay.

Edoardo’s is the best pizza take-out if you have hungry mouths to feed and don’t feel like dining out.

Casual Restaurants

  • The Sunshine Grill – Sunshine Suites Resort across the street from the Westin Hotel. You will love the fish tacos!
  • Sunset House – A dive resort one mile south of Georgetown. Sit inside at Sea Harvest or outdoors at My Bar, Cayman’s famous thatched-roof bar.
  • Chicken Chicken! – Hands down the best rotisserie chicken on the entire island! Eat in or take out. Jicama coleslaw, red beans and rice, roasted or mashed potatoes and gravy, pesto pasta salad. Located in the West Shore Shopping Center.